Mamiya M645 1000s

Mamiya M645 1000S

This is my Christmas present to myself. It’s a Mamiya M645 1000s medium format camera. It is shown here with a 80mm Mamiya-Sekor C lens and I also got 55mm and 150mm lenses.

The 645 series was introduced in 1975 with the 1000s coming in 1976. I believe they continued to make the 1000s until 1990.

The camera is an SLR with an image format of 6cm x 4.5cm. You get 15 frames on a 120 roll and 30 frames on a 220 roll. The film is put into inserts which then go into the camera. 120 and 220 films use different inserts presumably because of the need for different pressure plates due to the lack of paper in 220 film. Later models used magazines which could be swapped mid roll.

Here are a few test shots from the first roll.

9 thoughts on “Mamiya M645 1000s

  1. Portellini


    I like this camera. I’m thinking about trading my Bronica ETRSi for one of those.

    By the way I also have a glog for my writtings on photography, visit it if you want. I’m going to add your blog on my blog roll.




  2. Linda

    Just bought the Mamiya 645 1000S body for $139.00.. I have the 55mm, 80mm and 150mm with countless film backs, filters, motordrive, prism and waistfinder. Got the original 645m and all the above items for $200. SWEET deal… love these cameras..

  3. anton hard

    hello my friend..
    i liked your mamiya photos alot..
    your picture quallty amazing..we use same camera.and my photos are so come?
    can u please help me and give me some tips.
    thanx alot..

  4. Haley frey

    i’m really into cameras i have one of these but i cant figure out how to work it…haha its a nice show piece. people are shocked because im 16 and really into photography…

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