Fake Polaroids Continue Unabashed [updated]

A few days ago I wrote briefly about the Poladroid phenomenon sweeping the web.  Well, these fake Polaroids are turning up all over the place it would seem.

MyLastPolaroid.com is a site that says

To celebrate the film’s life and mourn its passing, we’re asking Polaroid photographers around the world to post the last Polaroid they ever take to this site, creating an online archive of the final Polaroids in existence.

But in their gallery right now is a “Polaroid” that has a really suspicious square vignette.


Update: The fake photo above has now been removed.

Also, over on JPG mag, there was a user held contest that was supposed to be a Celebration of Polaroid. While the winner of the contest does look like a legitimate Polaroid, the JPG editors picked a few others to showcase on their blog including one photo which also has that strange square vignette.

I’m now wondering does the word “polaroid” (not capitalized) for some people mean any photograph that looks like a Polaroid photograph. The same sort of thing has happened the to word “lomo”. For a lot of people, this is a “look” and not a camera manufacturer.

Anyway, to keep up to date on all things fake follow @edwinland on twitter. He’s fighting the good fight.

One thought on “Fake Polaroids Continue Unabashed [updated]

  1. Richard

    Hey, I help run http://www.mylastpolaroid.com and we have taken the
    picture down.

    We don’t want to, or intend to put up fakes: we state very clearly on
    the homepage what we WANT to happen with the site, but we can’t make
    the people who upload their pictures swear that it’s their last
    Polaroid – or even that it’s a Polaroid at all. We also say: “please
    be honest and respect the intention of the site!”

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention – we’ll check much more
    carefully in future. Please help us spread the word and get in some
    real submissions from proper Polaroid fans?

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