Holga 120 WPC 6×12 Mask Test

My first post on the Holga 120 WPC (Wide Pinhole Camera) was done using the 6×9 cm mask. Now I have developed a roll I shot on a walk about in San Jose using the 6×12 cm mask.

The first thing that is noticeable about this wider mask is that there is some mechanical vignetting apparent in the photos. Also, the vignette is asymmetrical with the right side being more pronounced than the left hand side.





Compared to the 6×9 cm mask, I think I prefer the wider format of this mask so that is what I’ll be leaving in the camera for now.

You can see my original review of the Holga 120 WPC (Wide Pinhole Camera) in this post.

11 thoughts on “Holga 120 WPC 6×12 Mask Test

  1. Randy

    Nice examples. I’m looking at this camera right now and having something that was made with it really helps the decision making process.


    – Randy

  2. antonis kioupliotis

    Hi there 🙂

    nice pictures indeed! and very sharp unlike my first images taken with the holga 120wpc yesterday. May I ask you, how long in average did you exposed the pictures? I took all pictures by something about 2 seconds(+/-) with the camera on an unfortunately light tripod. I try later today with a gitzo tripod and head…I hope this solve the issue…



  3. antonis kioupliotis

    Hi Dave, thanks for reply. I shot two films, one in 6×12 the other in 6×9. Since I used by the second shoot a heavy tripod the images were a bit sharper but far not as sharp as yours. Either the film is not pressed flat or the pinhole is too big…or both…last change to shoot in B&W with a fresh film, bcs the first two was expired since over ten years.
    best, antonis

  4. Peter

    great shots! Did you sharpen your images much in post? I used a heavy tripod and shutter release, but even then got super blurry images. Thanks!

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